1. Be vocal. 

This is the easiest and perhaps the most important step that you can take to be an advocate. Tell your family members, friends, and associates that cannabis is helping you. Help the people in your life unlearn the negative stereotypes that are still prevalent in our culture.  Of course, there are circumstances when it may not be advisable to share this information. Cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug under Federal law and can affect access to housing, employment, and social services. Use discretion, when necessary.

2. Write to your local representatives. 

Tell your civic leaders that you are part of a responsible community of cannabis users and that you demand the right to have access to a natural, safe plant that is providing you with medical and therapeutic benefits.

3. Support the efforts of those who are fighting for your rights to use cannabis.

There are several reputable, hard-working organizations who are working for your right to have access to cannabis.  Support their efforts to protect your freedom.  Here is a list of some of those organizations:

Drug Policy Alliance
Americans for Safe Access
Patients Out of Time
Marijuana Policy Project